Who are we?

We are a bunch of engineers, designers, thinkers – united by the desire to solve problems. Having come from varied backgrounds, our perspectives are varied and yet, have a common objective. Our diversity is what keeps us enthusiastic, united and driven. 

Having been part of the IT industry for many years, we were exposed to how things happen inside the industry. Over the years, concerns over service and quality delivery have taken precedence in the IT industry. The pressure to deliver ahead of time due to market compulsions has resulted in quality of the deliverables taking a backseat. It was this pressing need to fill the gap and the burning desire to make a difference that has led to the establishment of GYTWorkz. 

We are simple folks with some serious problem-solving skills come together to create a lasting impact for you. Our intent – is to make you’re your lives easy and your business grow.

How are we different?

Most of the IT services industry in India is headcount driven, and unfortunately, not value driven. Delivering quality solutions has become an aspiration and a milestone to achieve these days. This is where GYTWorkz comes into play. 

At GYTWorkz, Quality is just a way of life. 

Our priority is to build teams focussed on quality and not just time.

How do we do this?

We achieve this by focussing on the most important aspect of an IT services value chain – the engineer. 

Engineers, sadly, are either under-utilized and or mis-directed. They are taught to deliver on time and in that process, quality is side-lined. 

GYTWorkz aims to change that. 

We are committed to engage engineers, designers and management professionals who come with a drive to focus on quality. We train them with much care and guidance so they bring out their best. Our engineers are taught to first understand the problem in its entirety and then, dig deep to comprehensively understand the technology and use it to solve the problem. 

Why Us?

We hand-pick engineers who know what they can build, and build it efficiently.  At GYTWorkz, delivering great solutions on time is just a sub-set of a quality focussed approach to solving client problems. 

Having said that, we do not miss out on the fun quotient. 

We create venues and opportunities to help teams learn from each other even as they blend together to have fun at work. Our focus is also on creating strong, committed and progressive teams who enjoy their stay. For us, achieving good numbers is just the by-product of our commitment to client success with a quality driven approach. 

GYTWorkz works to ‘’Get You There’’ – to the zenith of your capabilities. 

We are your partners in your journey to growth and success.