Chatbot Technology

Creating intelligent and conversational technologies via smart chatbots

Chatbots redefining the customer interaction landscape

Highly competitive business landscape compels organizations to create long-lasting and sustainable impression on their customers. Customer interaction and customer service are of paramount importance to organizations as they look at expanding business. The human element in customer interaction is gradually and steadily being replicated – all thanks to advanced conversational technology in the form of chatbots. 

Chatbots are here and they will continue to stay on. 

There was a time when chat windows opened up on websites hoping to engage visitors unsuccessfully, that was in the past. Now, chat windows have been successfully replaced by chatbots and they are smart.

GYTWorkz builds customized, intelligent and top-in-class chatbots for your business needs. From welcoming web visitors to handling basic queries and suggesting options based on intelligent data analytics – we build chatbots to assist your various needs. Our team of engineers build chatbots of different kinds – bots that can perform simple repetitive tasks efficiently to bots that use data and intelligence to provide a close-to-human response on queries raised. 

Different clients have different needs and we have gained a reputation for building chatbots that cater to several business operation needs. Our objective is to help manage operations effectively and enhance customer interaction and service.

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Play an effective role of dedicated resources providing unmatched support
  • Easy and quick to scale up the bot capabilities to stay ahead of curve in customer service 
  • Multi-language support making it a very effective and efficient way of customer engagement 
  • Very personalized interactions and connect leading to stronger customer relationships and loyalty 
  • Cost-effective technology solutions enabling organizations to save on costs 
  • Play a pivotal role in brand promotion and marketing efforts leading to better brand image and recognition 

Chatbots for various industry segments

There is a chatbot for everyone and for every industry. 

Our engineers come with varied experience that helps bring in perspectives into building smart chatbot applications for different industries. We are at the cusp of redefining customer interaction and conversations even as technology helps us redefine the way organizations talk to their customers. 

GYTWorkz has a chatbot for every industry ranging from Retail to Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, E-Commerce and more. We provide comprehensive and yet customized chatbot solutions to our clients helping them fulfil their needs.

Chatbots enhancing customer service

User-Experience – there is improved user-experience as chatbots provide instant and yet, easy-to-understand answers to queries posed, chatbots also pose as the virtual customer service agents

Enhanced Search – there is information overload and that can make it difficult for users to find what is most relevant to them, chatbots can be used to help find and present customers with the right information 

Saves time – more often than not, customers end up asking the same set of questions, customer support and services teams can save on time and even scale up operations by having chatbots take care of repeated queries 

Data Collection – chatbots play a pivotal role in recording of customer conversations and collection of data, the data can further be used to pull out interesting insights about customers – this in turn can be used to create efficiencies in operations and enhance customer support services 

Engage and Convert your Visitors.