Serverless Consulting

Developing and Supporting Serverless Architecture

Serverless is the in-thing and GYTWorkz has the expertise to execute Serverless Consulting

As technology breaks new barriers and opens up to new findings, organizations need only to follow through to reap the various benefits. Serverless architecture is one such technology which is fast finding acceptance among organizations. There is an innate need to transfer all back-end tasks onto a third party which takes care of the entire back-end value chain from provisioning to managing and scaling. Serverless, in short, is about providing Back-end-as-a-service (BaaS) where organizations completely depend on third party providers.

At the innovative end of serverless architecture is Function-as-a-service or FaaS. FaaS is a step above; developers can just upload the code and have it run within the containers managed by the Cloud platform. FaaS discounts the need to manage own servers; it completely transfers everything onto cloud platform.

Benefits of Serverless Consulting

  • No hassles on server management or patches 
  • High Scalability with minimum efforts 
  • Advantage Developers and System Admins 
  • Agile driven 
  • Code-defined infrastructure using Cloud 
  • Multi-language support (Java, Scala, C, Python etc.)
  • Pay-as-you-use model (Cost efficient) 

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